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Default Great Idea

Originally Posted by miklos1 View Post
i also have a idea / ?
for alliance's what if you gave the alliance (group) their own city with more everything(walls,pop caps higher and it works like a player city only on if 1 member of alliance is on. the alliance members would have to donate supplies and gold and wealth. to build up but then other ppl could attack it. and make it visible when they have ppl on to the game world. the more members the alliance has the more rewards for the alliance capitol?
It would open up some real nasty pvp. What everyone think and is this possible Kon?
This seems like a really great idea especially if its a collaborative city where players can have a new city to retreat to after a hard fight (which is most fights for us new players.) On the chance this gets off the ground could these cities possibly have economic/trade benefits for those that support them?
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