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Old 01-29-2013, 01:55 PM
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Thumbs down Elf houses problem.

Someone playing as elfs has god +440 gold coming in due to alc labs. This as a human player seems very unfair as he has levelled 10 dwarfs champions to level 60 and a royal dragon over night.

Is there a reason why elfs are soooooo overpowered at the moment as this will just make everyone switch to playing elfs and i see no fun in that at all...

Its ment to be hard to level hero's and dragons to level 60 and this player has 300k gold with still +466 a tick so ihe is gaining that much gold even decay isnt effecting it.

This in my eyes needs attention asap as in my opinion elfs are hard to battle as it is let alone with armys of 60 heros...

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