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Originally Posted by miklos1 View Post
i also have a idea / ?
for alliance's what if you gave the alliance (group) their own city with more everything(walls,pop caps higher and it works like a player city only on if 1 member of alliance is on. the alliance members would have to donate supplies and gold and wealth. to build up but then other ppl could attack it. and make it visible when they have ppl on to the game world. the more members the alliance has the more rewards for the alliance capitol?
It would open up some real nasty pvp. What everyone think and is this possible Kon?
Yeah this sounds like a good idea. Like a central guild city where everyone in that guild/alliance can upgrade/pump resources into it. Also give the option of custom banners so the gm's can create one and everyone in that alliance can carry it.. These few ideas could turn this game into more of a masterpiece than it already is
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