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Old 01-27-2013, 01:35 PM
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well for me even if i have 0 loose or advantage and it would be just for looks, its still a few buildings even if its just for looks others can and you cant build! even if it doesnt have any effect to your game, i dont know i just hate it that othrs can do something you should be able to do also but cant!

which is acctualy holding me back right now in trying it. At the end ill be ****ed off, sad, disapointed that im missing stuff and ragquit!

So hopefully seince i saw that it might get fixed, Please fix this issue ASAP! so i can continue 100% with my kingdom and not 99% Having to start all over again is not an option for me and to be honest shouldnt be for any Player who payed for the game!

i might be to harsh, but thats just me i just hate that felling i cant do stuff when i know that others can
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