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Old 01-25-2013, 10:56 PM
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One Point irritating me is that Old Homelands wont receive some of the Features tough.

I am pretty sure many people bought Crowns and many also earned em by doing quests pvp and sieges.

For me Personally the Question is what exactly will be missing on the Old Homelands.
Because this is the deciding factor for an Borderline here.

After all being an Older Player with an older Design in his Town is one thing.
You can even brag about it because it shows your an Player who played this for longer time already and thus having a different Homeland due to changes made after his start.

But if the Old Homelands are missing stats or even bonusses and income thats a different story.
And if they cant even fix it without losing all the crowns they worked hard for its even worse.


also there is the first Bug
well its not one making players unhappy tough

Currently it seems that the Upgrades of some of the Buildings dont deduct the Crowns Cost :)
Just Upgraded my Barracks to lvl 4 without paying a single Crown for it.
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