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Old 01-25-2013, 09:53 PM
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"Also - to experience all features of the homeland expansion we recommend starting a new homeland, as your current homeland will be missing some of the new buildings. "

Is this ganna stay? or will there be a fix so old homelands also have all new buildings?

cause i dont fell like starting up a new town, new profile, levling etc. i bought lots of royal pts, special units, leveld units, totaly upgraded my town i really wouldnt want to start all over! lots of time and real money has been wasted, to do this all over again would be to much lost time work plus money you have to spend again on units that you already have. is there any other way to avoid this and gain the new buildings? or is it atleast possible for the units and market units to be moved to the new homland?

hopefully you can help out and answer my question
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