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Old 01-24-2013, 08:16 PM
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Patch # 1.3.7 - Homelands Expansion

:::::Major Fixes and Additions:::::
-Expanded human homelands - adding more buildings slots and houses
-Expanded Elven homelands - can build on majority of trees, new walled houses locations
-Added watch towers and garrison keeps on all homelands for all races
-Majority of buildings can now be upgraded up to level 5 - greatly improving the buildings performance: higher starting level of spawned units, faster and cheaper unit spawn, cheaper technologies more hit points, faster and cheaper repair, fire resistance and other minor benefits
-All homelands now get unique art sets - so each building in each region looks distinctly different
-New winter texture set greatly improves winter atmosphere
-Game resolutions now sets to the highest possible for the better looking GUI
-Updated cinematics on all homelands - with more props and better cameras
-Battle chat now works between players in a PvP or CoOp game, and show players in battle
-Fixed chat getting stuck on screen issue, and disabled creating and removing chat tabs
-Fixed remaining Out of Sync issues - on start-up, and during long PvP and CoOp matches
-Fixed game getting stuck on a loading screen if PvP connection failed
-Fixed getting start on black screen if PvP fails to initialize a match
-Fixed PvP and CoOp searching by players name finding random armies with huge strength difference
-Fixed Vs Town search attacking armies instead
-If one player disconnects or pays off in CoOp - other player can continue the game and still win
-Added background combat sounds for battles
-Added unique regional background sounds, including homeland village sounds for each race
-Added 18 new achievements
-Reduced bloom effect in game and polished the lighting cycle, fixed ultra-bright object textures
-Each race now uses original racial set of interface art
-Changed the way units respond to attack order - disabling automatic attack move

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
-Increase the start-up bonus. First 15 buildings on new homelands will now build much faster
-Dwarven Mines and other workers can now drop off resources at Elven Treant
-Changed Healing and Mass Heal SFX, added visual effect to mass healing
-Achievements now come with various influence rewards from 2 to 60 crowns
-Updated all of the achievements icons art
-PvP and CoOp requests clearly show the inviting player name
-Co-Op NPC sieges - fixed issue with player getting stuck if no opponents were found
-Co-Op search by player name will only find player armies positioned near the target
-In Co-Op NPC town siege, if one player pays-off, the game will still continue
-Fixed Orc Warg Pen and Goblin Hut spawning units over limit and too fast
-Chat now shows welcome message
-Orc Grand Hut will now spawn units much faster and spawn several if player is away for a while
-New SFX and effects for mass healing and healing potion
-Fixed various issues with Elven symbiosis and Alchemy lab buildings
-Improved snow and rain effects for more intensity and better emersion
-Added localization for Buy crowns and Invite a Friend text
-Fixed positioning of Quest and Forum buttons.
-Expanded the size of description pop-ups so text will no longer overlap for unit descriptions e.t.c
-Fixed Orc Warg Farm not spawning cavalry units
-New AI for town sieges defenders cavalry - seeking and destroying any units on the level
-Fixed cavalry spawn location on Illas tiltos siege level
-All cavalry unit speeds slightly reduced
-Fixed invisible Orc buildings bug
-Updated all loading screens - keeping only the best once and removing the rest
-Fixed broken palisade on human Wold homeland
-Fixed broken large gatehouse on Rollingplain homeland
-Fixed all bridges on Erthee L`Bala homeland
-Removed out of place Goblins from CoOp NPC town sieges
-Player`s army now has 60 pop in the View mode
-Player Adviser unit is impossible to kill now

:::::Balance Adjustments:::::
-Various Siege weapons hitpoints increased several times over
-Ranged Siege units now fire much faster, but with a bit less damage
-Ranged units on towers gain huge range bonus - double the range
-Enchanter, Foot Knight, Goblin area healing greatly reduced
-Healing locations healing greatly reduced
-Crossbowman now only has fire arrows
-Increased house prices
-Wall upgrades now take much longer to construct
-Stone wall prices greatly increased
-Orc huts price reduced significantly
-All Orc units now train much faster
-Most Orc unit cost reduced by 50% or more
-Increases starting armour of most Orcish units
-Ogre gains Charge ability
-Mounted Orcs now have ability to trample units
-Orc formations now last much longer, and are much better
-Lowered bold thrower accuracy alittle bit, and decreased damage as well
-Archers now start each battle with full arrow quiver
-Dragons and all custom heroes can now be leveled up in NPC town up to level 60
-Greatly reduced the price to level Dragons, Hero at NPC towns
-Regular units now can be leveled up to level 10 in NPC towns