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Old 01-24-2013, 03:41 PM
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Default If you are ingame friends chat me and i can help you out.

No need to come on here throwing peoples names about haha, people have beat me, grindstone has and if you read a post i made on this topic earlier i have actually told you how to beat me....

Im helping people all the time on there and no doubt have helped you.. I will go against you and teach you how to beat me if you asked.. You will never learn how to kill an army unitl you face it.

Cav takes ranged. Hit and run is what you need to do. Use the same tactic as me and run cav back to heal at well in your town, You dont need to wipe my army to win, just hold me of.

You have to keep person you are vs busy. DONT GIVE THEM CHANCE TO HEAL.... and any attacking team has only a few ways to heal ok. KILL THE HEALERS.!!

In any game with pvp there is some form of healer, Be in a druid in WOW or an enchanter on here. You need to kill them first. Make a distraction from one side and while they are busy charge cav straight at enchanters, You kill them you will more than likely make them pay you off or wipe there army.

Use your head buddy, the army is not overpowered im using tactics, i could build a same level army with crossbowmen instead of riflemen and knights instead of axemen and still would have the same turn out. why would i run army in when i could clear your walls with my ranged then run back for heal.

I have all but told you how to beat me and any army with this set up. try it and let me know, but please mix things up and DO NOT let me see you run 3 swordsmen units at 8 riflemen then come on here moaning lol as you may aswell send peasants out at me.