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Old 01-24-2013, 02:19 PM
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Originally Posted by sedricg View Post
its actually dropkick who is using the overpowered healing. the fact that he can take on a castle with just riflemen and axe men and a few healers sat back is literally appauling lol

he marchs up to my walls with no more then 8 squads of riflemen and this is now against a huge army of mine and a shed load of trebs takes a few casualties runs of heals then repeats.

if i march out he moves his axemen in and lets his riflemen heal and shoot me. no possible way to win. its just rinse and repeat untill ive nothing left. healing needs to be fixed.
Kon can verify this as this battle was recorded to show him the bug. i was going to pay you off with my level 8 riflemen until you logged out of the game...

P.s to kon, something needs to be put in place where if you press log out when vs another player you should automaticly pay out as atm it just freezes the game, failing that the army should be lost the commits to this log out process...