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Old 01-19-2013, 09:41 AM
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I tought it was meant to be that way.

After all Orcs have their Swarm Armys and Troops Pumping Buildings which can stem out Armys pretty fast.
And Elfs well they are incredible Strong in the Field already.

Humans always had the advantage of their Thick Walls and Fortifications
hopefully you guys wont diminish this advantage too much here ^^

Too bad dont receive an Third Layer of Walls somehow hoped there would be an Option to draw an Palisade or something like that as Outer Defense Line
But well Some Outside Forts and Fortifications are also Fine hopefully those will be Strong enough to actually be of use in Battle

On second one I am a bit Dissappointed tough
When I read that you actually included some variations for the Graphics in different Homelands I tought you would also add some additions to the Buildings which lvl up

I am serios on this one
this run down Estate is simply not Fit for an Ruler which has Maxed out his Homeland.
(and also not for King Erian which basicly lives in the same old Shed as his new appointet Lordships xD )
As for the other Buildings well I at least hoped for some simple additions like an extra floor of the Building at some stage and so on.

The Third one well nevermind that
this one has time
just asked as the topic was bought up before ^^
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