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Old 01-12-2013, 11:26 AM
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Default WTF Just happened?

So i was returned from a quest with my army wounded when a message poopep up warning that I was being attacked. I chosed to fight (even with my army ****ed up). I started in some kind of village that I never seen in my life being attacked by another guy. I rushed my 15 troops agasint their troops (1 dragon and like 1-2 10% life swormen). The results was that the dragon alone decimated most of my troops with the ****ing strategy of lanch a fireball, kill one third of my army and run fast as hell without chance of being chased. The dragon then killed my hero. I lost all my army (somehow, even with some of them staying alive).

I'm seriously ****ed of by many things. First that I was defending something that apparently was not mine. Second that a single dragon killed all my army with a ridiculous strategy. Third that I lost all my troops somehow.