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Old 01-12-2013, 11:04 AM
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Default Thats what i did,

And i havent even played singleplayer.. the online side of the game is brilliant, a tad quiet in chat at certain times but really good and helpful community. I dissagree on pay to win games i really do, the devs on here tho have made it more than easy to get ingame currancy to make it not pay to win.

Remember before greenlight this game only had a small community so had to put something in place to help fund the game. i highly recommend it to alot of people and have even got friends to purchase this that would verify a no pay to win feature in here.

You can buy a few extra resources and unique dwarf /dragon troops. i use niether apart from a dragon rarely and am successful on here.

There are a few issues in matchmaking atm i certainly wont lie but they are being worked on currently.

If there are any other question you wish to ask fire away.