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Old 12-31-2012, 04:44 PM
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Default Elf Bugs list encountered

I don`t know if there is a general post already, but here is a list of things i encountered to be bugged: (All are on elven city)

1. Upgrading to an arch from a normal gate makes the gate disappear, the building thing started going. Logged off and logged on and nothing is there anymore, simply no gate, no arch, nothing.
2. When the first level of walls are done, the 2 main walls have no run-up, no units can enter any walls there, only the arch around the mountain is accessible. Building the Stone heaven (inner walls) doesn`t solve the problem.
3. Not all walls are connected in inner heaven. FIXED ITSELF ON RESTART OF GAME.
4. Units walk in the air next to the walls at some places, or on the very edge of them. Looks rather sloppy.

1. the forest spirits don`t show on counter, nor collect any visible wood. They do have the yellow ticker and they seem to gather wood, it just doesn`t show anywhere.
2. Nothing depletes? i don`t know if that is the point, but no resources seem to actually deplete.
3. the trickle from elven residence seem completely bugged. Both descriptions are wrong (says food trickle under all 3 options) and it does nothing to the resource counters when switched
4. Multiple workers on adjacent resource nodes often stand doing nothing or start walking glitches/ pointless in between the nodes. Seems a pathing problem. Don`t know if it affects actual income, might be just visual bug.

1. Some units have lower starting Stamina then abilities require stamina. Mass heal for instance. Now i don`t know if that was meant-to-be or not, but it looks strange at the least. Perhaps grey them out, make them unlock able, but not like this.
2. Sound of units cutting resources dominates the sound if you are in your city. Quite annoying up to a point of quitting from the city because of it giving a headache. Perhaps only let the noise be heard when units are selected, because now the sound even goes on when the game is minimized and it is really really annoying repetitive sound
3. Summoning treant with enchanter and logging off seems to cancel it (with no refund) the treant wasn`t build anyway.

1. Perhaps unit formations? would do the game GREAT
2. Unit slots on walls. Units now kind of stand like a group of brainless zombies on a wall. If they would make a line along the wall, it would look, feel and probably play much better.
3. Option to automatically skip the stories of quests and advice. Would just be nice for people who do it a second or third time, you do not really want to read it over and over again.

that`s it for now, only played two days. Will keep these coming as we go, i hope people join in with useful bug reporting so we can get this game off its feet. The feeling is there, the concept is nice. Let`s bring this game together, together!

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