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Old 12-23-2012, 05:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Wakko View Post
No other player who wants to comment on the microtransactions and if this game is paytowin? I will not support this game if it sell power. Would be nice if someone would comment on this.

On a side note, would be really awesome if you would sell hero/troop skins and so on though.

Hi Wakko. From my personal expirience, there is no need to spend any more money, than to buy the game.

Units, that are bought via Influence (crowns) are shared around all availabel races. These are Dragons, Dwarfs (the miners shine, btw), and several hero-units, out of all races, that can compliment your army.
As an example - the DrangonSlayer, is a very welcome addition to every army, facing (surprise) Dragons, and so on...

Something i want to mention here, is the fact (and something i like very much), that all your units, except of your main hero, are gone, when dying in any battle; So its kinda tricky, if u really want to form an army out of "Elite-units", when risking to loose it all against a "vanilla-army" (standard-units can get really strong beond lvl10).

This influence, can aswell get farmed via Quests, PvP or Npc-Town-siege... so u will allways have access to every content, the game delivers. No matter if u want to farm your way, to the first royalDragon, or you want to save some time, spend some money and get it asap.

I have never regret, to have bought that game - and i got it for about 25 €

Hope this info, helps a bit ...