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Old 06-23-2008, 02:12 PM
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Nice nice

Questions answered, and a couple more arise...

With the editor: The units you create, are they going to be replacing other units you have avalible, or are they going to be in Addition to units you have. What I mean is this: I play Stronghold 2 alot, unfortunately the modding of that game (To my eyes) is rather limited. If you go in and create a new unit, it has to replace an existing unit. So, you could never fully mod the game to have a (For example) LotR mod, because your units would simpley be varients of what you already had, and you wouldn't be able to fully stock both sides, because you can only have one model substitute another.

With allowing the full customization of units (Which I have been waiting for since Alpha Centari btw, so Thank you Very Much Reverie Staff!), how do you allow for balance? Is each player only able to take X number of unit designs onto the map in a senario or skirmish, or can you take everything, or is it up to the players involved, or what?

Also, with the Unit customization, is it going to be a seperate program Out of the game, or will it be In game?

By other question comes up with the combat with armor. You mentioned Blocking, parrying, dodging, armor values... In terms of mechanics, is it going to be a roll based Dice system, kinda like your traditional DnD game? I also wonder: how do you work with Blocking and Parrying?

I would also like to say, Again: THANK YOU FOR INCLUDING A UNIT EDITOR!