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Old 12-22-2012, 06:54 AM
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Post The only way this is going to work "years late on this"

For a long time ive thought about it, about how the matchmaking is and I have to disagree with it. I believe you should be able to attack anyone whether their hundreds below your strengh level. Why would I believe this? Because it happened in the medieval times. Do you think England cared if their enemy didn't match their numbers? No. People speak about Unfair/Fair but in reality nothing is ever fair, which is why the game should be treated as such since its more of a RPG-RTS-MMO.

It just gets boring whenever someone asks "Can you lower your army strengh so we can have war?" Like whats the point in that? You may say the point is, your getting to play!, but its still stupid. I had a great siege on me a few days ago which was fun, but then again the opponent who killed me, had to ask me what my strength was just so he could lay siege to me. I disagree with match making in every game that has it..

You may be thinking and getting ready to say "Well its not fair if my army strength is 50 and yours is 450" So what? Its a medieval warfare type.

*Looks and speaks to the enemy king and says- Hello King Konstantin would you be kindly to lower your army strenght so that I may have a fight with you?" See my point?

Im like years late on this thought, just about everything with me is years late :P