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Old 12-21-2012, 04:16 PM
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Thanks for the response!

I only liked the first stronghold game, I'm afraid. But thanks for being so honest in the game's current flaws *cough* pathfinding *cough*.

I'm not quite sure though if I want to risk buying the game, we'll see. I love the concept, but the game seems very unpolished - that said, do you have a thread somewhere of future patches/plans I could look at to see where the game is heading? I really hope you will polish this game up to be a real gem.

As for the sieges, it kinda confuses me. So you are always evenly matched? That is of course fair, especially for new players. But there is no feeling like defending or attacking against all odds and be victorious. I'm not saying I want to roflstomp every other player with a vastly larger army, of course not. But sometimes I'd like to take on a challenge and with skill and tactical planning be victorious. Is this something you could possible opt in for? (again, correct me if I'm totally wrong of how the system works!) Or maybe I should see it this way? You are always equally matched, and the players skill is what matters. So if the enemy is a more skilled player, you're in for a challenge!

EDIT: totally off topic, but have you noticed anything since the game got greenlit?

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