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Old 06-23-2008, 01:51 PM
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Great question.

Dawn of Fantasy doesn`t use a RPS system. Our Combat system stands much closer to RPG games, with units blocking, dodging and parrying hits.

We do have various sort of armor as well. And real world physics and units speed also play important role.

So, in balance system you need to consider units skill with his weapon, units armor, and real world physics.

I`ll have to end explanation of our combat system at this point, but here`s some examples:

Cavalry units are great against archers, not due to some damage modifier, but the fact that they simply can outrun arrows fired at them, and charge through the archer battalion.

Another example - whole bunch of fast attacking units like goblins will easily defeat huge unit like Ogre, due to his slow attacks, and lack of armor.

But same 20 goblins would be completely useless against human foot-knight, as they simply won`t be able to penetrate his armor.

And finally, lets consider Elven Defender, his skills at dodging and parrying attacks is so great that he can fight any opponent with any sort of armor. But he just doesn`t have the speed to run up to a group of archers shooting at him.

As for your question about unit editor - you can modify absolutely everything about a unit. So your example is easily accomplished.

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