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Old 12-14-2012, 11:56 AM
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Thanks for the kind words and your comments. And to sum it up - DoF will be around for a long time, as we plan to keep on running game servers into 2014 at the very least. And for us it`s really not about the money, however growing player base and getting better sales does help.

So while we might at some point stop doing weekly patches, bi-monthly events and releasing free expansion packs - looks like we`ll keep on going strong for awhile and even step up our efforts in 2013. With Dawn of Fantasy finally getting on Steam, and no direct competitors on the market things look promising - there is even a chance our staff might start getting regular paychecks

And our players can always help the game stay alive longer by inviting their friends and posting player comments and reviews on various networks. The major obstacles on our way is 40%-50% reviews the game got during the first couple of months - it was released as a total-buggy-unfinished-mess by our ex-publisher. And while new reviews are in the 70-80% range our Metacritics score is still extremely low, as only some gaming media sites count towards that score.

First of all, there needs to be more endgame-content, that is giving longtime motivation
I couldn`t agree more. The only "chance" we got of making DoF successful is to turn it into a long-term, inexpensive experience (with price probably dropping to around 9$ towards end of 2013) with viral community (almost 30% of all our new players are invited by our current players already). And long term and social content is definitely a priority. With Siegeworks we are laying a good foundation to that, but still ways to go before we are done.

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