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Old 12-04-2012, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
That`s what we get for using our own engine. While working relatively well for low end systems, it`s impossible to squeeze a perfect 60 out of it in all situations.

Try setting Water quality to medium. That might actually do the trick, or Draw Distance to Medium.
Thanks for the quick response. After turning water quality to medium and draw distance to high I now get a locked 60 fps anywhere on my home town in mutliplayer.

I then tried a single player siege game to see how it fared with many units on the screen. I selected large armies and large reinforcements to get as many units on screen as possible.

On Dagbar it was locked 60 fps unless you hovered over the central building when it went down to 54 fps. Once the army came it started acting weird. 60 fps locked at the entrance with all the units I had fighting the enemy. However when i hovered over the town hall building it dropped to like 20 fps, even though there were only 2 sets of peasents visible on the screen at that time.

On Darssen it was locked at 60 fps no matter where on the map, even with all the units fighting.

Overall much better and now playable enough to enjoy myself. Thanks again.