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Old 11-24-2012, 10:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
Patch is Live!

Patch # 1.3.2

:::::Major Fixes and Additions:::::
-Visually Enhanced Orcish Homelands
-Visually Enhanced Orcish Homelands
-Visually Enhanced Orcish Homelands
-Visually Enhanced Darssen Stronghold in Siege mode
-CoOp Sieges now liberate the town for both players on victory

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
-Dragons in Siege maps will only start attacking after 30 seconds
-CoOp Sieges Dragon AI is now enabled
-Fixed resources storage issue - dropping resources over 9300
-Fixed the bug with Heroes gaining 100% resistance
-Old Heroes with 100% resistance will remain active until next patch
Not working. I have 2 quests i am doing. Soon as i enter the quest a dragon is right on top of my army spawning and sets them on fire. I lose half the army before i can even move them. Have to exit as fast as i can. Happened 3 times, after paying healing costs, losing lvl 7+ troops, and buying new ones i said screw it. I personaly can not wait until this is over.

I know dragons are tough, but 3-4 per map? Right on top of your spawning army? Im not asking for an easy route, but you cant fight off a dragon if half your army dies from fire balls within first 15 seconds and no time to move them lol.

And resources still not saving, and with 3 armies getting trahed in 10 seconds or less by a roque dragon, hard to keep my armies at full strength with no economy rolling lol. And my gold mines are not regrowing, but my stone mines are..... odd.
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