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Old 11-20-2012, 06:57 AM
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We'll be adding a few new units in the Siegeworks expansion, the elves will get a least one unit. We are open to suggestions for units - a few units were added from player suggestions during beta.

We won't be increasing the population cap any time soon. The more units in an army, the greater the lag will be. The current caps of 90 for towns and 60 for armies, allows for fairly big battles without too much lag. An additional settlement is something we have considered but it won't be implemented until after Siegeworks is released.

Dragons are tough, but there are units that have bonuses against them - the Dragonslayer (obviously ), but also Halberdiers, Sentries and Impalers all do extra damage to dragons. You might also need to adjust your strategy against the dragons - try using ranged units to constantly shoot at them while you hit and run with fast cavalry units and attack with melee while it's back is turned.

Some walls are designed to have gaps in non-passable areas. A few of these areas were supposed to be filled with large stones, but they got removed when we reduced the number of objects on maps - we'll be adding them back in soon.

The server down times should hopefully be coming to an end. Our server programmer thinks he now has enough information to fix the problem and is working on the solution.
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