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Old 11-18-2012, 03:36 AM
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Unfortunately even in Offline Mode Steam is Required to be Running in the Backround
So only the Time at which it will send the Data is altered to whenever you go Online again

Also I said this before
Steam is an Great and Easy Automatic System
Nobody is doubting that.
Its very autonomus helping you with almost everything.
Unfortunately this is exactly what people are concerned about mate

Because to help you with everything it also checks an immense amount of Data as I postet earlier in this Thread already *gg*

And here is that point of Steam receiving all of this Data on you.
Anticheat means it has insight to Data and Processes running on your Computer including websites and programms you run due to your Interner Browser being checked for anticheat purposes when you run it.
Auto Update also means that its going through your data regularily to see if something is not up to date
and so on .....

So well what you say is largely right.
But exactly this is the huge problem behind Steam :P
People are not saying its unpractical or not working well.
They say its Dangerous and Spying on you.
And the fact that they can help you this good is actually quite the proof of this being true *gg*

ps well which by the way doesnt change that I support the motion to get any Game on Steam as long as it is not Steam enforced (only playable over Steam) ^^
And Kon already confirmed that the Game will stay playable without Steam if you dont want Steam.
So Steam will be optional and thus its fine with me :P
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