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Old 11-17-2012, 10:10 AM
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Despite how many of you don't like steam valve etc your missing the key point ! Steam has once kick arse community that can make or break new start up games etc. Not only that but they also have a pretty fierce community of modders as well that I'm sure no doubt would only bring more awesomeness to DoF maybe new race skins graphic overhauls etc, As much as you like to admit it this is a Pvp game and without real people to play it there's no Pvp no revenue thus no game. So its clear to me from a business perspective that DoF MUST ! approach outlets such as steam not only to help promote the game via advertisement etc and create revenue for further development but to also help expand an already pretty good community and once that happens and modders get involved games tend to grow and evolve like wildfire on there own. Even those that don't become mass world sellers overnight still usually create a loyal and paying fan base that stick with these games and further there development , I'm fully behind Konstatin and the DoF team using valve to promote this community and game as a whole how the hell do you think i heard about it ? That's right steam, Ive already told 3 friends about it who also use steam. This is how the ball rolls Keep up the good work !