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Originally Posted by Sanezu View Post
Hey! I have been playing Dawn Of Fantasy long time, but still I'm finding few things what this game lacks. Of course I know that you might not have enough resources to make every suggestions what players are giving but I want at least that you listen what I'm suggesting.

1. Population cap should be bigger. Players like dragons but they take too much population limit. Same with army. Cap should be something like 120-150.

2. Game doesn't look enough real since there isn't any NPC citizens in Player's village/town/city/stronghold. It would be nice if there would be NPC citizens. It would be like: ''Damn, I have lot of peoples living in my town!''. Same with animals like dogs. It would be nice to see how some NPC citizens are gossiping middle of town or some NPC guy is fishing and there would be some city guards.

3. Different kind of Mills/Farms. It would be nice if Mills/Farms grow different kind of crops, vegetables or fruits. (Humans)

4. Female lords

5. Humans headquarter/castle should look more real and bigger.

6. Other ways to get food like fishing.

7. Player can have ships and boats. And of course sea battles.

8. More events and actions in Player's town. Like crimes (that's why we need city guards), sickness, flood and other things. That would mean we need NPC criminals who are stealing player's resources and natural disasters.

9. When it's night soldiers should be able to carry torches.

10. More buildings like Clinic (city's own healer), Watchtowers, Fisherman's lodge, Hunter's lodge, Sewers (there was sewers in middle age) and Wells (NPC citizens would carry water in they houses or water could be use as food resource and if there is fire in the city they could use well's water to stop fire).
I loved your ideas, principally about to give more "reality" to the cities, really wonderful, that would make DoF a very first class rts; the problem is that to do all this improves work well would need a good programming...
Is just sad that kind of game be played for just few peoples, i hope someday this game will be famous and the developer will have resources to make this game even better!
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