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Default Gelipo - Elven Conspirators

Race: Elven
Quest : Gelipo - Elven Conspirators

Got my 2 ranger groups, my Hero character and my sentry group and attaked them and killled them.

Bug is all the enemys on the map are dead and then looted via workers.

But the quest won't complete and the quest giver won't reapear again.
Quest says to kill bandit camp.

When i was posting this i had the Game Capped. When i switched back the game crashed.

When i had loged back in the hero was at my home tree (he was not there when the game crashed) and my army was where i had last placed them.

And the Bandit camp had respawned.

So killed them again and this time the quest triggered proper and the quest when to complete.


Quest is working for me now.

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