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Old 11-07-2012, 03:30 PM
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Ok, i read quite a lot but did not find anything about it:
The Elven Village Resource Production is totally strange!
first: I cant recruite more deer. i have a food production between 3 and 6 from deer, it changes like everytime i switch to my capitol - And im unable to recruite more deer.
Second: The Alchemy lab is strange. seems pretty bugged to me, i stopped all transmutation and it says it still draws resources, even after relogging.
The whole "how much is produced"-calculation for the UI seems to be not working correctly for my elven village, everytime i switch i get different values without changing anything which is pretty annoying.
For example: Yesterday (i had 2 alchemy labs) i logged out when it said i had around +30 gold from unicorns. Everything was in the + and i had both alchemy labs working on stone, all wardens working on food and my unicorns producing gold.. i log in today: NO gold left at all (even if it still sayd +0.3 at this time) and full storage of wood and food. but still the same amount of stone (around 4000) i had when i logged out.