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Old 11-07-2012, 02:57 PM
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Well i got a near similar problem: Lvling archers/ranged takes WAY longer than lvling everything else:
Melee-Units seem to get XP for every HIT they TAKE and every KILL they MAKE, which gives you insanly fast lvling speed if you just run into a settlement in the camp-map and kill everything with 2 melee units + 1 "mass heal"ability-unit (hero) - took me 3 "runs" like that to get 2 Grandmasters at lvl 10

now, same strategy with Ranged Units: After killing a complete settlement with ranged units and my hero, they are lvl 1 with a little bit of xp. After completing multiple runs (which, in fact, takes much longer than with melees but.. who cares) they STILL are lvl1, with only a little bit more xp. Killing units with ranged weapons does not seem to give them ANY xp at all, getting hit by ranged units does not give xp too, and a group of archers does not get hit by melee units often, cuz they just kill everything that runs up to them (but, they DO get dmg pretty hard, even when fighting against only-melee.. always wondering where this dmg is coming from)

Archers (especially the elven ones) Are pretty n1 units but lvling them seems to be pretty bugged