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Old 11-04-2012, 07:28 AM
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I am less than pleased at the moment for several reasons. Firstly I was part of the alpha/beta program for this game a year or so back and really enjoyed it. So finally I decided I would buy it.

I bought the game for $25 or whatever it is on this website only to find out that its being sold for as low as 3 on other websites.

I thought 'oh well' my own fault for not looking around. Still its a good game so worth paying for.

I loaded it up, installed all the updates and then when I try to log in I get 'connection timed out' over and over again. Finally it crashes my computer and when I restart the comp it nows says 'FAIL' whenever I try to load the game. Followed by a message that says 'The type initializer for 'DOFUpdater.Properties.Settings' threw and exception'.

I have restarted the computer again, deleted the game and tried to re install. Whenever it gets to the patcher now it just says fail and shuts down. Anyone know a fix please?

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