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Old 10-30-2012, 03:30 PM
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Default A PvP Que'ing Mechanic Needed

Just as the topic states, I think having some sort of que'ing system for the PvP is what this game badly needs, instead of having to pay for pvp protection through resources and influence points, this way, you get PVP with ppl that ACTUALLY want pvp, while keeping the people that want to do all the quests and missions seperate from all those that want to only do pvp. This stops you using every single resource you have, on staying out of pvp, because at the moment with the game currently as it stands your just playing the game and missions to opt out of pvp'ing instead of gathering your rescources up to enjoy the PVE.

When this game hits steam, i think this would be extremely wise otherwise for players that like the game for its pve, might get left out in the cold and start complaining about it.. This would keep the systems seperate, but there for anyone who wants it while not having 2 completely different servers, and taking out the forced pvp in the game at the same time...

Just a simple icon in the GUI to que yourself for pvp or alliance pvp'ing so all the ppl in que are up for fighting eachother instead of dragging anyone in the near area into a pvp zone or having your entire homeland up for grabs that anyone near it can opted for without you even knowing untill its already done...

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