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Originally Posted by buddhist23 View Post
thats not a valid excuse. Just because I owned it for a lot longer than others have, does not mean the level of enjoyment will be the same. For instance, the content in this game is good enough for a few weeks of play. I haven't played Dof for a LONG..LONG... time because its the same thing every time i log on. Lack of players..etc. Now people spend 5 dollars, get like a guarantee for a steam key while i've been waiting for months just for that. AND..they get more than 1 game. Their level of enjoyment surpasses that 5 dollars alone. Hell,even if they get tired of dof, they have the other games for 5 bucks. And having an advanced kingdom is worthless because its so easy to make one like mine in a matter of days. By then, all the new people will have already caught up to me.

Giving away the game for free...5 dollar deals...really, how much more can i take watching a bad investment go horribly wrong.

Hmmm, i dont know whats your problem... u complain about empty servers, but when the price is falling (leading to more ppl buying it = more players), u complain that u have payed too much or what?

After all, when u bought that game, u made a deal. U had an agreement, that the price is ok for the product, otherwise u wouldnt have bought it.
Now after months or more, u feel betrayed cos u payed 10 or 20 bucks more? Thats childish in my eyes - and not very "buddistic" either...

I would even welcome a FTP-model, if it just brings more players + the finances to support that awsome game.

Imo, u are really overreacting in an disturbing kapitalistic way... sorry if u dont agree.