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Old 10-19-2012, 10:44 PM
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Default Confused(please help)

I recently bought Dawn of Fantasy and was looking forward to playing the game. However, once I started I was immediately confused and thrown off. I was wondering if someone could clear things up for me.

When I read about the game I was thinking it was going to be like the total war games except with an online campaign mode and custom player built cities. Am I right about this?

A few in game inquires

How do I know if the cities in the campaign mode are player built cities or not? When I first looked at the campaign view it looked very vacant. No armies outside of the cities or anything.

2.When I tried to attack another city, my army just went up to it and nothing happened. I noticed there was a button I needed to press to enter the city. But I couldn't find a way to attack the city. Even after declaring war on them.

3. When I click on a army in the campaign mode there's a button that pops up that appears to go to a Player vs player matchmaker. I could not find any matches, but is this the only way to fight other players? Can I find them on the campaign map in the wild?