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Originally Posted by buddhist23 View Post
someone remind me why i paid a hefty price for this when people pay 5 dollars and get an amazingly great deal.
Maybe do what I did - I bought a copy for my brother The more people play, the better the experience. Another thing is that if we keep buying bloated crap at full price (more than DoF cost at release) then EA etc will keep charging it. This way we encourage indie developers and keep prices reasonable, plus shorten the link between players and developers.

A while back I took the decision that I was going to spend my game money smarter and in addition to encouraging others to buy great indie games I also take part in Greenlight and support projects on kickstarter.

If us gamers spend our money better we will get better games and more sensible (listening) developers. I think Reverie have done a great job on listening to their customers and think this should be rewarded. I also think it's a great game.