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Thread: PvP Deterrent?
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Old 09-14-2012, 07:54 PM
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as far as the ressurection issue is concerned. If they do allow for resurection at a later date. I would make it a feature available threw the market. So it costs wealth/influence. So it's the kinda thing you can save up your points for in an emergency if you lose a unit you really don't want to or some people will whip out their wallets to buy back their favorite units which from a developer stand point could add extra revenue. This game is after all a for profit venture not a charity. If they do go that route. After each battle it should show which units died and give the option to ressurect them. Wealth price may vary based upon the strength of the unit and if they don't have enough wealth/influence they should have the option to buy more wealth/influence on the spot.
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