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Old 09-09-2012, 03:13 PM
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Well then
I am not 100% up to date due to the Fact that I am in the last half year of my Apprenticeship as Electrician and thus dont have much time

Back then it was like this

If you Gave up or Disconnectet during a Fight you were handled like you Paid Out.
However, The Pay Out is calculatet at your actual strengh
so if you already got Defeatet badly and lost large part of your Army the Pay Out was very small
which is very annoying for the Attacker but also not really good for the Defender because he of course needs to lose Units for this first.

I dont know if the Payout being Calculatet by actual Army Strengh is a Bug or Intended

I always tought its a Bug because its actually very Unfair
after all the Attacker Already took Massive Losses and then gets less Reward on top

But its also been a while that I was on the Battlefield :P
I log in once in a while to do some Questing and Level my Hero
but I have hardly done any PvP anymore

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