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Old 09-08-2012, 01:42 AM
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I guess you didnt get his Point

You see
Steam is very easy and very comfortable.
Its an pretty good Platform in that regard and also very dependable.
Which is logical because they especially want those to use it who dont know their way around Computers and those dont know how to limit Steam activitys
someone playing a Console primarily is very happy if everything and anything is done by Steam without him noticing
and of course Steam wants to do exactly this for you
because it means that everything you do is being helped by Steam and thus of course also recorded by Steam

More and more Games only get to you on the base that you already have Steam
you cant play em without Steam and then again Steam also needs to run in the Backround
And it extends itself further and further

Most Games wont even start without Steam running even in Offline Mode

Your Statistics, Behavior and pretty much everything you do is recorded on Steam and send back to them.

This Includes Primarily

Steam safes your Games Statistics so you can watch them but that also means they know:

What Game do you play
How Long do you play
How long is Steam running on your Computer per day

Steam safes your billing history so you always can check what you spend where but that also means they know:

How Much money do you spend on each Game
How Much money do you spend on Games per Month

Steam ensures that nobody is cheating or manipulating his Game but that also means they know:

What other Processes are running in the Backround while your Playing
What Websites are you visiting
What Messengers do you use
How much Data is being send and received by your Computer everyday

All of this Data is available for Steam and Send back to their Server
And actually thats not even all Steam is Sending back

You see I dont even need to look into the Programming of Steam or to suspect em of doing some hidden stuff
because Steam is not hiding this to begin with
they actually state what they are sending back very openly but they only state the reason which is your benefit
they wont tell you what use it has to them

Because for them
this is good money

They got your Email and Account Data
They got your Name and Billing Data including things like Bank Account and Address as well as other stuff

And now they receive all this Data on you
filing them and of course using them

They dont actually need to sell or spread your data to others so they know what you like and for what your ready to pay money or how much money you are ready to pay
because they themself are the ones publishing the games and those using this information
even in Offline mode Steam is memorizing this data and then sending it after your online again

thats it for the Facts about Steam

Now I.ll leave it up to everyone imagination what Steam is actually trying to do with the data aside from this obvios ideas

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