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Old 09-08-2012, 01:18 AM
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Just so you know
Influence Points can be Aquired by doing repeatable Quests and of course also by laying Siege on NPC Citys, by doing PvP or by doing normal Questline.

Simply said its not actually needed to buy Influence for Real Money
It makes life Easyr of course because you can speed up your progress

as Influence Points are an common currency you wont have any advantage against an player in PvP even if you paid real money for your influence.

Army STR is matched up for PvP so if you actually needed 2 hours to complete your Army or if you needed 1 hour because you speeded up with influence
wont matter at all during the actual battle :)

Pay to Win is simply sooo far off in this case ....


To offer my Independent Opinion even if its not worth that much :P

I think you basicly got 3 Choices in this

1. Implement some larger Benfits which come at higher Crown Prices while making Crowns Cheaper to Buy so this Stuff can be Acquired only by Crowns or very Hard Work :P (For example an Premium Account which offers Increased Ressources Gain or stuff like Army Points Increase for Limited Time which give you an Additional Army Slot for an limited Period of Time and of course also costs considerable amount of Crowns)

2. Make Crowns much harder to gain ingame so people actually feel a greater benefit from buying them (Tough this will then actually promote the bad Repuation which is also why I personally would dislike it ^^)

3. Remove the Entire System and make it an Ingame only Currency (Question then would be how you Replace it because many people dislike if DLCs or other stuff which is Buy Only Showed up. But I doubt that its a good choice for a Company to remove an source of Income just like that so maybe it would make sense to replace it with an Premium Account which you can Buy for certain time periods and which will simply increase your income rates and rewards this would make it far easyr to explain upfront and would those mostly dissipate the pay to win rumors)

well just my two cents ;)
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