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Old 09-01-2012, 10:02 AM
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1. Hmm
Alliances Button is in the Game so its definetly on the Plan that you can Form Alliances
but right now I think most Alliances are still just Friendlist Based and thus dependent on their own Communication Platforms

But as you can request players by their name to join your Battle it is just a minor annoyance

I.ll answer 2 and 3 together

Currently you have 4 Slots per Account
which means you can use 4 Different Towns which however cant Interact with each other

Also I dont know if that one is already in
but they announced that there should soon be the City Warfare Starting
which means that Players (Alliances) can take Control of NPC Towns on the World Map and Fight over them.

As for Player Towns those can only be Pillages and Looted
just like Enemy Armys you find you marsh in destroy as much as you can and then Loot the Corpses and Leftovers
as well as the Storages *gg*

Dont worry tough
the Game is not really Hardcore

Hopefully someone can tell you some more on this
Devs should start coming Online in about 1-3 hours (they are in a timezone where its night time or well should already be early morning right now ^^)

As they usually are very frequent on the Forums they might be able to answer you in more details

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