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Old 08-29-2012, 07:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
Vind - my only guess is that your computer has a dual core CPU? Course othewise it should work well. Does the lag happen all the time, or as it was with Nimiria - only when you select lots of units?

Nimiria - our programer suggested you try the following:

-Try setting your windows resolution down, and see if that changes anything
-In the Windows Accessibility (or display setting) - there is an option to set Icons to small, large and medium - make sure it`a set to Medium
-If you have made changes to any settings in your video card control panel (NVIDIA Control Panel inside Windows Control Panel) - try defaulting the settings
-An last thing to try - get the latest driver for NVIDIA GeForce GTX, your driver is only 3 months old, but perhaps there is a newer one.

1. - Had different resolution, since I had different monitors and graphic cards, gut the problem always was there.

2. Had that already, did not change anything.

3. I donīt think I made any changes.

4. I always have the latest driver

This kind of things helped in some other issues with that game, but not with that one here. It runs good, except when I select much troops. I really think it must be something in the game code, since I have absolutly no problems with any other games, even games, that need much morde hardware.