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Old 08-27-2012, 10:16 AM
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I have to disagree with what you mentioned about windows vista there, after using vista for such a long time, getting that damn OS to run properly on a LAN for games was no easier or harder then windows 7 is, its almost identicle as it still used the same firewall and UAC control which leads to most of the LAN issues for games along with rounter configurations, which is no different no matter what OS you use.... Windows 7 is a lot easier to install as that IS automatic, and that is great, but if you are wanting to tinker around with settings its no different then vista.... I have had a lot more issues with the networking side of things with vista then I ever did with the likes of windows 95/ 98 and XP... Been too long since i last messed with Windows 3.11

Thats going from my personal experiences..... on a personal lan with 2 comps and 2 laptops...when it comes to lan, most of the issues are with the software, ie : games that have issues going around routers and firewalls even if you are allowing them... Games for example are becomming far less lan will eventually be online only...

This is why steam is a good thing for this game, it will give them the deserved extra revenue they need and populate this game a lot more with any luck...

(just wanted to get back on topic with my last sentance) lol