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Old 08-25-2012, 02:24 PM
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Linux is an nice System
I am using it to work my Server and also when I need something to work with.

But its Compatibility Problems to Games and Programms is annoying
Having a Free System is Nice but if you cant use your stuff on it than its useless

an OS is like an Aircraft Carrier made as Platform to Launch Programms (Aircraft)

in that case Windows 7 Is like an Incredible Armed and Equipped Carrier but everything was prebuild so changing it is alot of work and sometimes even impossible

Linux Systems are the exact opposite
theyre like Huge Empty Carriers
however they lack the Catapults as well as the Ramps to launch programms so theyre useless unless you provide everything yourself
making nearly anything possible but at the same requiring incredible work for even small stuff

Vista is an much smaller Carrier
but it provides incredible compatibitility for different Programms and Systems
while the capacity might be lacking it can be changed and adjustet very easily :P

Best Carrier still was ME for it was working with everything and anything
unfortunately the system grew obsolete and unable to support modern stuff

Well it doesnt really matter tough
Opinions are like Faces
its rare to find even two which dont differ at some point

tough thats also a good thing
just imagine if everyone liked the same food and the same women
we would be at war all the time lol
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