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Old 08-25-2012, 01:13 PM
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That depends on Viewpoint
for me Windows Vista is by far the Superior System

Problem on Windows 7 is that it is TOO EASY
the System Decides anything for you and altering that decision is allways complicatet and annoying

Vista is much more Free and allows the User to Decide for himself
but that also means that you got trouble using it when your not familiar with Computers

Good example is the usage of your Network Systems
in Windows 7 nearly everything is set automaticly which is a fine thing for someone who doesnt know how to properly
but getting Win7 running for Lan and other stuff which is not in the basic protocolls is a real pain in the ass

Vista is much easyr to handle here because it is expecting you to configure stuff yourself and thus making it easy for you to adjust things the way you want and get it working
of course only if you actually know what your doing and what parameters you need to set here

So honestly said
Win7 in my eyes is something to apologize for
it removed lot of freedom from the System
Vista is not as well programmed but its allowing for much more Freedom

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