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Old 08-21-2012, 04:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Sunleader View Post
Actually the last point of Brian is the Main Importand one

Dawn of Fantasy CEO Konstantin already said months ago that even with DoF of Steam it would not be Steam enforced
After all Dawn of Fantasy made a Hard Step to gain Indepency

So whatever problems Steam and Steam Users Encounter it wont even matter to you because you as non Steam User wont have Steam to begin with and will those not even notice while launching the Game on your normal DoF Launcher

I for my Part dislike Steam as well
Tough I am reluctantly using it while running Firewalls in the Backround scanning anything that goes through my Network Adapter to make sure that I am in full Control of anything it Sends

for DoF Steam is an Incredibly Importand Step
DoF needs Users
Not only because this Game is based on PvP and those needs an extended Playerbase to make Battles available
but also because it needs an good way of Advertising

thanx for the info matey! i certainly feel your pain with steam! ive had adverts installed on my machine all sorts! and you only find them when browsing the next hard part is locateing the directory to remove the software. it gets tedius. my filters are set relatively well but they still get through. curse you steam. my biggest concern has already been sorted though!! i think steam is just manopoliseing the market and making it difficult for new computer users to get into gaming!.

lol you buy a game !!! as a new user and have no idea how to use a pc ! installing a game isnt as straight forward for these people as we might think. most of them are used to consoles that require no effort or brain power! so a pc is daunting. they read everything out of fear of doing it wrong and takes them a while. then they finally press the install button!!! lol now they are faced with another challange!!! what the hell is a registration key and where the hell do i put it.. huh what the hell is this stupid web page thats popping up called steam!!! ??? panic mode as they have no idea whats going on. all they wanna do is play the game but now they have to register an account with steam and put their game code into this alien software they have never heard of before as it wont let them play with out it. in their minds they are probably thinking they are being hacked already! not a good introduction to pc gaming for a new pc user.

well thats my oppinion on steam any ways. i think it puts more people off than it attracts. only reason i have a steam account is because of half life and steam was simple and easy to use back then! now its just mental. and a massive sales pitchincredibly glitchy too and it uploads junk to your pc too.