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Old 08-17-2012, 01:11 PM
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Sorry for the delay guys - just got back from a little vacation, and I`ll be happy to answer all your questions!

Expansion is good as free and new units and upgrades should cost crowns
Exactly. There will be couple of new elite units that will cost crowns, but all other stuff is completely free, in addition we are actually including new ways to easily gain crowns.

Download will be automated via the game launcher
Yeah. This expansion will be distributed just like any other patch, and download size will only be around 350mbs.

So will there be more you can do to your current town like more walls different wall setups?
There will be a little bit of new homeland stuff, but no - Siegeworks expansion takes the game outside of your town and onto the greater realm. And while this might disappoint some - what`s better - having another wall upgrade for your town - or being able to control and fight over 28 other towns with other players?:)
The brand new, and bigger homeland designs with sea-shore locations will be part of the High Seas expansion - but we can`t reveal too much yet.

Omg sea-shore based homelands
To clear the misunderstanding - there will be sea-shore towns that players will control and fight over, including amphibious sieges, BUT these are not new homelands.

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