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Old 08-10-2012, 02:15 AM
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Q: Is this game the type of game that a bunch of us could all play together and enjoy?
A: Yes

Q: Is it something that promotes multiplayer alliances, and allows people to play together?
A: Sort of... it has multiplayer and the online kingdom that lets you play all together with others around the world, but the alliances system is not available at this moment. Still you can do quests coop siege or pvp together.

Q: When you attack someones castle, do you actually get to wreck it, or what are the consequesces of war?
A: Attacking a castle causes the attacked player to loose troops resources and some buildings including walls and towers. It is more of a benefit for the attacker not a loose for the defender.

Q: If Im being attacked, can one of my allies (friends) come and help me defend? Or on the other hand, can we joint attack someone else?
A: Hmmm

Q: I just want to clear up these few questions before putting the push on my friends... I will be in big crap if I convince everyone to play a game that ends up not suiting us.
A: I belive the game will suit your needs but if you want more fun then wait for the free expantion and you'll not be dissapointed. Still, if you buy the game now you can explore all the fun it has till the expantion.

Q: Thanks!
A: Don't mention it