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Oh the fire shots.. its not only the arrows but also any shot including balistas (bolt thrower). When I activate the skill to make a fire shot the ground dont burn in any circunstances. This puts elves in great desadvantage in terms of defensive siege, since bolt thorwers wont set the ground on fire and they have a restricted DPS and accuracy. Also for archers. So, basically you cant burn the ground so enemy's troop dont break formation and dont take fire damage from the ground. Thats it. The arrows looks like on fire, and the damage still get a boost, but it dont burn the ground (I think this is the main reason for using this skill).

If the next xpack will focus on siege and so, we (elves) will need this fixed.

The 9k bug also is a big issue that I found (another player made me realise this bug, so he found first actually). Im not sure if you remember when I was complainning about my stones that were desappearing from my stock... well I found that when my stock reach 7k I had started to loose resources, since my wood gathering was much faster than others I had started to lost stones. I reported that and this got partially fixed: now this happens when I reach 9k resources. Also this only happens when Im not in Town Map: if Im off or goes to world map I loose the "extra" resources. I think this happens to any race/player since Pacco (I think this is his nickname, not sure) isnt elf, but ppl dont realised that already.

So about the 9k bug there is two things: first, we dont get the real stock's capacity, wich is 17+k, second, to solve this problem once for all it would be good to have our stocks splitted for resources like 6k stones, 6k woods and 6k woods, because the thing that worrys me is even if we get the limit of stock fixed, when I reach 17+k, Ill start loosing stones or meat because my spirits gather woods faster and the wood will start to replace the other resources. So will be dificult to reach a balanced amount of resources according to my necessities or something like that, because I dont want to make my workers stop working and when Im off I cant manage them to stop gathering wood etc..

Those are the links for the forum's page that Ive reported the issues:

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