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Old 06-10-2008, 08:50 PM
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I could see a Statue where you select a basic type then purchase upgrades for it. Upgrades could be different head, arms, a mount. These upgrades to a stock statue could be more ealsy controled by the company to prevent any inapproiate material. The statues could possibly give a moral bonus to the owning faction but if the statue is destroyed in a seige the bonus is gone. Bonuses the the statue gives could even be based on the upgrades the statue has. A weapons upgrade could give a range/damage/accuracy bonus to archers. A mount could give a minor speed bonuse, decrease stamina drain from martching. If the statue displays a flage the whole army might get a moral bonus. These upgrades i know would be hard to balance and could decrease in effectiveness the farther one is away from the statue. This could give incentive to the opponets to destroy that bonus, the down side i could see is one could focuse on the defensive parts of the statue and become a powerful turtle.
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