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Originally Posted by olauwers
It's an RTS game, it'll include elves, orcs, humans and dragons (Dragons, GN! Dragons!). If there will be an expansion, it will probably (as information is given now) contain undead and dwarves (Dwarves, GN! Dwarves!).
ZOMG! Dragons and Dwarves!

lol. I just looked at the book looking thing that explained the game. Everything looks interesting, but what are the system requirements for the game? As Oli and Custer know, my computer is one cranky old antique, so...

Well, it's really not as old as it used to be. I saved up some money and bought it a new (more modern) motherboard. It's still not quite new, though.

Originally Posted by olauwers
It's übercool, you have mages and everything! I think I even saw walking trees (not the crappy type, like in AoM). Check out the screenshots.
Lol. I only played AoM for a month, then got more than tired of it. I just didn't find it with as much "realistic fantasy" as I would have liked. It was basically like Age of Empires, with the exception that you could get fantasy units in there, but there was a wide gap between one and the other, which really cut up what could have been a great game.

What is the most fun aspect of Dawn of Fantasy (Aside from multiplayer)?

[quote=Neotyguy40]Death... Lot's of death... And war... Sometimes ice cream... But mostly death...[quote]

I like Ice Cream.

Not too dandy about death, but certainly enjoy big explosions.

Originally Posted by Puppeteer
Magic, War and More Death
Well, among the questions, where exactly can you buy the game?

I checked Amazon, but I kept getting Final Fantasy. lol.
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