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Old 08-05-2012, 02:53 AM
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Nice. Four months of no response in a technical support thread.

I'll go ahead and throw my story in here too.

Me and my girlfriend bought this game from gamestop about a year or two ago.
I got home only to find out the advertised features that interested us (mostly being able to run skirmishes together or pvp with/against eachother) was under developement and I had been tricked into buying a beta game from gamestop. I made a forum thread to complain about this false advertisement and warn away potential customers that could be tricked into it as well, but nothing came from it other than "we're working on it, and we dont have an ETA" and them claiming complete innocence in taking peoples money promising them a game that isnt made yet. Anyways so I recently got an email that offered me a free game key (for signing up in the forum a year or two ago) so I figured that even though I forced gamestop to give me a refund for the game, I'd see if it would be worth buying. The email promised that "the game is now much closer to what we had hoped it would be" and whatnot, saying how they fixed most of the bugs.

In the meantime I had upgraded my gaming computer from laptop to desktop and I downloaded the game, and the first thing it does is "DOF.exe has stopped working". Game freezes and I have to cancel the windows "searching for solutions" (which Ive never ever seen it find one, so why does that feature exist) which closes the frozen game.

So in a year it went from a buggy game to a game that wont even start, great!

I reinstalled the game, I downloaded that .net version 4 garbage and it still doesnt work.

Thanks reverie!