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Old 08-01-2012, 01:09 PM
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I'm installing the game from scratch again. I'll let you know once I get out of the Downloading updater update hell.

What I mean is when somebody first installs the game, the updater has to update I don't know how many times, 50, 100, I really don't know, it just keeps updating the updater like it did the last time that I installed DOF a few months ago, so once it's done I'll let you know the full progress and how it went.

I will make one suggestion though... If at all possible make it so that the updater quits stealing the focus of the computer. I would like it to run in the background so that it stops popping up the downloading update to the updater screen every 30 seconds or so while I'm doing other things on the computer waiting on it to download all updates. For that matter it would actually be better if at all possible to just download all updates as one update instead of a 100 or more little updates which is just annoying to most users I imagine.

Honestly this updater is the most annoying thing I've ever seen. I move my browser window over to my 2nd monitor so that I can continue to work on my browser work while the game updates the updater and what the f happens? The updater moves to my 2nd monitor and comes over the top of my browser, meanwhile I then move my browser back to my main monitor and the f'ing updater moves back to the main computer monitor too. This needs some work.

Once all the downloading updater updates were done, it's now on the updating of the actual game and that seems to be working okay so far.
15 files remaining
14 files remaining
10 files remaining
9 files remaining
8 files remaining
7 files remaining
3 files remaining
2 files remaining
1 files remaining

Game files updated successfully

Although the game will let me click the Editor or Play button, the green update bar continues to move from left to right, kind of confusing I imagine for some players that are going to think that it's still updating since the bar keeps moving the green bar from left to right.

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